Friday, September 6, 2013

Writing Response

In his article, "Why Blog? Searching for Writing on the Web," Alex Reid talks all about writing and become an "expert" on the subject. He quotes Malcom Gladwell in the beginning of the article by stating that it takes 10,000 to hours of dediction/work to become an expert at something. Reid goes into great deal about what it means to be an expert in writing, and even explains why the title itself is a bit outlandish, he also goes on to talk about the average amount of written work the average college student writes during his/her time spent at ___ University. Reid explain blogging, how to blog, what a blog is, basically, a lot of blog stuff. By having your own blog, Reid states students can improvise their own writing styles and other writing styles, whether they be familiar or foreign, and integrate them into blog posts that can relate to a plethora of topics and subjects. I agree with Reid, and think that that blogging, or any form of social-media related writing can expand and define a persons writing abilities, a well as offer opportunities for said student to improve.

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